I - a.k.a. S. (pronounced “essepuntato” in Italian), better known as Silvio Peroni - am an Associate Professor in Computer Science at the Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies, University of Bologna, proud member of the Digital Humanities Advanced Research Centre (/DH.arc) and director of OpenCitations, the Research Centre for Open Scholarly Metadata, and the Second Cycle Degree in Digital Humanities and Digital Knowledge (DHDK).

This page is a sort of bucket where I put things that concern my works, publications, hobbies, and the like, but you may find more information about teaching material and courses at my institutional homepage (maybe). Thus, if you were looking for something interesting, smart and curious, this is not the right place. Sincerely.

Just in case you are still there, reading words and words of non-sense grammatical constructions, it is totally up to you.